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Why drawings & paintings are essential for a child's development?

We all know that regular exercise, healthy eating habits, etc. are necessary for kids as they provide energy for studying. However, many parents are not aware that drawings & paintings are also a part of life and it gives children to show their expressions. Remember “Taare Zameen Par” movie about how the kid showed his emotions through his paintings to the teacher where failed parents understand why he is not studying like his elder brother.

Here we have some reasons why drawings & paintings are essential for children's development. These are:

1. Release stress:

Nowadays, we see our nearby areas that kids of early age committing suicide because they have a lot of pressure from their parents to study hard and achieve good numbers as all parents want to see their child become a doctor or engineer. Nobody likes that their kid does whatever field they enjoy. Due to which it affects the kid’s mental health, and they start taking a lot of stress for small things. Drawing & paintings work like magic in all the problems that contribute to a high-stress level. When a child creates something beautiful through their pictures, they attach to that painting in-depth and relieve the mental strain. According to research, it has been found that a kid with a lower stress level leaves a healthy and happy life that helps in improving overall mental health.

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2. Enhance Creativity:

Drawings & paintings allow kids to develop their creativity which is very important and helps them throughout their lives. According to a study, doing something creative enable kids to express their feelings with their near and dear ones. It also encourages their mental growth and provides them with ample opportunities to try out new ideas that come to their mind. Also, they adopt new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

3. Stimulates cheering approach:

Drawing and painting provide a relaxing and open environment where kids feel safe, and they explore the creativity that encourages them to live a joyful life. The reward and appreciation that a kid will get from their near and dear ones give them a sense of pride and happiness in the work that helps in boosting up their energy and inspire them to reach a new level of skills. Drawing and painting is an activity that helps build robust mental health at every age, but it plays a vital role in the case of kids. If kids are happy and enjoying their paintings, they keep delighted with all people around them.

What's the purpose of the Gyan Drishti Foundation to promote drawings & paintings?

At, Gyan Drishti Foundation, we believe that a healthy mind and body are the essential part of living life to most entire. Here we focus on other circular activities with studies that help children show their expressions because this is when kids learn good and bad habits and adopt the same in their lifestyle. We need to help them choose the best and the right way to live their lives as respected people.